Respond to one of the following prompts with an initial post of at least 150 words:

Option A: Which poems in this section of LHE depend largely on irony for their force? Why do you think irony is a useful device in literature that portrays innocence and experience? Be sure to use specific details from the texts you choose in your response.

Option B: Some authors treat the passage from innocence to experience as comedy, while others treat it more seriously. Which text(s) from your reading for this week treat it as comedy and which treat it as something else? Elaborate on how each of your choices does so (in at least 50 words per text). Once you’ve done that answer this question in at least 50 words: Do you find one or the other treatment more satisfying? Explain.

Post your initial response to the Treating Innocence & Experience page on G+ Once you’ve made your initial post, comment on and/or ask questions about the experience described by at least three of your peers. Your responses should be at least 50 words long.