Unit Theme: Love and Hate

Week 6 Focus: Drama


My Week 6 Rundown



(Terms to Know: Dramatic irony and figurative language)

This Week’s Reading


Before you begin this week’s reading, review the discussion prompts for this week’s G+ Conversations. The following texts will serve as the basis for this week’s discussion:

  • Required:
    • Intro to the Love and Hate section, LHE 721-23.
    • (Drama) Othello by William Shakespeare, LHE 824-915.
    • (Fiction) A story from Hecatommithi by Giraldi Cinthio, full text available online (online text) (PDF). Shakespeare adapted this story into Othello.

Other Preparation Activities

  • Record two entries in your Reading Notebook.
  • Search the internet for an online resource that supplements one of the texts from this week’s reading (see my list of supplemental texts for examples of what you might find). Once you’ve found your resource, paste a link in this shared Google spreadsheet. Be sure to fill in all the information asked for in the sheet.
  • Review the Midterm Composition guidelines.



*Unless otherwise noted, assignments are due by midnight of the date posted.