The Greeks have four words that can be translated into the English word loveagapeerosphilia, and storge. For this discussion, track down a definition for each term; then find a story, essay, or poem from this unit’s reading that you feel represents each type of love. Once you’ve defined and found literary examples of the terms, defend your choices in a paragraph of at least 50 words for each term, using specific examples from each text as support. Since you’ll be defining and illustrating four types of love, your initial post will have four parts that ought to look something like this:

Type of love: your definition of this type of love. Title of the essay, story, or poem you’ve chosen to illustrate this type of love. A 50 word (at least) paragraph in which you defend your choice using specific examples from your chosen text.

Post your four-part list as your initial post to the Four Loves & Literature page in G+. Once you’ve made your initial post, comment on and/or ask questions about the choices and the means of support provided by at least three of your peers. Your responses should be at least 50 words long.