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Literary Experience #1

Review the texts we’ve read this semester and pick one with which you resonated (the one that most deeply touched you). This can be a poem, a short story (fiction), an essay (nonfiction), or a play.

Once you’ve selected your text, don’t reread it (yet). Rather, grab a pen/pencil and some paper or open your trusty word-processing software on your computer and freewrite for at least five minutes (without stopping or self-editing along the way) in response to the following question:

**Why do you think you resonated with this narrative when you first read it?**

After you’ve completed this freewrite, reread the poem/story/essay/play you’ve chosen to refresh your sense of the narrative. Then freewrite for at least another five minutes (without stopping or self-editing along the way) in response to these questions:

**How did you experience the narrative differently as you reread it? For example, did anything new stand out to you? Did you realize anything different about the narrative’s form or content—i.e., about how it was written or what happens in the narrative? Did you learn anything new about yourself or about the world?**

Post both freewrites to the Literary Experience 1 & 2 page on G+ by midnight, Wednesday 12/3.

The Work for Semester’s End

Unit Theme: The Literary Experience

Revisiting Your Course Experience of/with Literary Texts

Over the next few weeks, we’ll explore your course experience with literature by engaging in some literary experiences. These assignments are listed below. Review each assignment, then get started. Due dates are included in each post.