Shakespeare’s stories were often derived from folk tales and myths. Adapting these materials for his own use, however, he never hesitated to alter or elaborate on the details so he could tell the story he wanted to tell. Such is the case with Othello, which Shakespeare adapted from a tale in Giraldi Cinthio’s 1565 collection of stories, Hecatommithi. While many aspects of Cinthio’s tale made it into Othello, Shakespeare freely added details of his own and changed others in light of Elizabethan social conditions and so he could make the story work on the stage.

After reading both Othello and Cinthio’s tale, write a micro-essay of at least 150 words in which you compare and/or contrast one similarity or one difference between the narratives. Post your micro-essay to the Shakespeare’s Source Material page on G+ as your initial post to this discussion. Once you’ve made your initial post, comment on at least three other posts with replies of at least 50 words, asking questions of your peers and/or seeking to make connections among what they’ve written, your own experience, and the week’s reading.