For your final assignment of the semester, write a micro-essay of no more than 300 words that answers the following question:

Why does literature matter in the digital age?

During weeks eleven and twelve you wrote a Twitter essay addressing why literature matters. This micro-essay will move extend the thinking you did when composing that tweet and speak specifically to the place of literature in the digital world. You can approach the assignment from any direction you would like, but I’ve got two stipulations:

  1. The essay must be titled. Think of something that captures what you’re saying in the composition.
  2. You must take the essay through at least two drafts. I won’t ask you to submit both drafts, but I’d like this to be more polished than a freewriting exercise.

The finished essay is due by midnight, 12/19. Post it to the Literary Experience 3 & 4 G+ Page.