This course was designed to help you learn to actively and critically read, analyze, and interpret diverse works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama written by authors from diverse cultures and traditions. During our time together, I’ve tried to provide you with an environment in which you could begin to understand and practice diverse ways of responding to these texts. As we approach the end of the term, I’d like you to look back on what you’ve learned and measure that against the objectives of the course, which you’ll find under the Learning Outcomes heading on the course syllabus (here’s a link to that section).

For Literary Experience #3, pick at least three of these objectives and consider how your course experience has influenced your abilities in each area. You should write at least 100 words per objective (so that’s at least 300 words total). Post your response to the Literary Experience 3 & 4 G+ page by midnight, Tuesday 12/9 and post replies of at least 50 words to at least three of your peers by midnight, Friday 12/12.