Now that you’ve chosen and reflected on your favorite text from the course and posted your freewrites in response to Literary Experience #1, I’d like you to create a word cloud using the paragraphs you posted in response to the course text. You’ll do this using the word cloud generator at The descriptive text for the Wordle service says that “Wordle is a toy for generating ‘word clouds’ from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.” You may have seen these floating around the web before (Wordle is a fairly popular service); now you’ll get to create a Wordle for yourself and share it with the class.

To begin, review this tutorial on “how to make and save a word cloud”:

Then make a Wordle for yourself using the text you posted in the Literary Experience #1 forum. As you do so, be sure not to include in your word cloud the headings you’ve used to distinguish your freewrites from each other.

Once you’ve created and saved your word cloud (per the tutorial instructions), share it with the class by posting a link to the image or by attaching the image to your post. With your image include a brief (200 word) analysis of your word cloud. To help you complete this analysis, consider the following questions:

  • What decisions did you make when choosing the design for your cloud?
  • What is the most prominent word (or are the most prominent words) in your cloud? Did this word’s appearance surprise you?
  • What do you think the prominence of this word/these words in your freewrites says about your interaction with the literary text* you chose? In other words, why might you have repeated that word so often as you discussed why the text was your favorite?
  • What might this word/these words suggest about the theme of your chosen literary text?
  • What other words in your cloud stand out to you and what might these words suggest about your interaction with the literary text?

Post your word cloud and your word cloud analysis to the Literary Experience 1 & 2 G+ page by midnight Thursday, 12/4. Then, by midnight Sunday, 12/7, comment on at least three of your peers’ posts (with replies of at least 75 words), discussing any patterns and/or prominent features you may notice in/about their word clouds and what these patterns and/or prominent features suggest to you about their interaction with the literary text.


*”Literary text” refers to the story/essay/poem you wrote about in your freewrites for Literary Experience #1, not to the Wordle. Just to clarify…