All the texts in the Love and Hate section of LHE address these deep human emotions in slightly different ways and using slightly different images and/or figurative language (i.e., metaphors, simile, etc.). For this discussion, pick three texts from this unit’s reading and consider the images and/or figurative language that each writers use to characterize love and hate. For instance, in his poem “Fire and Ice” Robert Frost compares love (desire) to fire and hate to ice. (FYI: Frost’s comparison is off limits now. :-p )

Once you’ve settled on your images/figurative language, pick one that most interests you or that you find most effective and discuss in a micro-essay of at least 150 words how this image/figurative language functions in its particular text. In your essay, remember to use specific examples from each text. As you consider the image’s/figurative language’s function, think about the following questions: what does the image/figurative language suggest about the nature of love and/or hate? How often does it appear in the text? What role does it play in the text—i.e., is it an object that characters interact with and/or share or is it something constructed by the speaker/narrator to help readers better grasp what the narrative has to say about love and/or hate?

Post your micro-essay as your initial post to this discussion board. Once you’ve made your initial post to the Images of Love & Hate page in G+, comment on and/or ask questions about the choices provided by at least three of your peers. Your responses should be at least 50 words long.