In LHE, Abcarian and Klotz observe that “that terms innocence and experience range widely in meaning, and that [this] range is reflected” in the texts they chose for inclusion in the Innocence and Experience section of their book. They further suggest that innocence can be biological, social, emotional, or mental (78). Pick at least one text from your reading for the week and discuss how the text(s) portray innocence in an initial response of at least 150 words. Consider:

  1. Is it biological, social, emotional, mental? Something else?
  2. What forces (if any) act upon the narrative’s character(s)/speaker(s) and influence them to become more or less innocent?
  3. What type of experience does the character/speaker gain (if any) in the narrative?
  4. And so on…

Post your initial response to the Defining Innocence & Experience page on G+ Once you’ve made your initial post, comment on and/or ask questions about the experience described by at least three of your peers. Your responses should be at least 50 words long.