Take a few minutes to consider the image included on LHE 310: Untitled, 1985, by Keith Haring. (You can view a color image here.) As you do so, annotate the image by recording your reactions to it in the margins of your book or in your reading notebook. Then, do a web search for some basic information on Haring and his work to provide some social and/or artistic context for Untitled, 1985. When you do this, you might learn who/what influenced Haring’s subject matter and style, what social issues and movements he responded to and addressed, etc. After you’re satisfied with what you tracked down, respond to the following questions in a short paragraph (100 words or so):

  1. What was your first response to Untitled, 1985?
  2. Did the information you discovered about Haring and his work help you to better understand and relate to Untitled, 1985? If so, how? If not, why?
  3. In your view, how does Untitled, 1985 illustrate the topic of Unit Two: Conformity and Rebellion?

Now, in a micro-essay of at least 150 words, discuss how one or two of the texts from this week’s reading* address similar and/or different ideas as those that came to mind as you considered Untitled, 1985 and its social and/or artistic contexts.

Post your short paragraph and your micro-essay to the Conformity & Rebellion page in our G+ community; this will be your initial post. Respond to at least three of your peers’ posts by week’s end with replies of at least 50 words.


*This could include, of course, what you read for individual choice.